Joe R. Pyle Auctions


General Store Liquidation

Lots begin closing Wednesday, May 8th at 6:00 PM eastern 

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Property Description

Uncle P’s General Store 

Online Auction 


 Located at 

10 Scenic Highway, Summersville, WV 

 After many years of serving Summersville and surrounding area, Uncle P’s General Store is closing their doors for good. We have been given the opportunity to liquidate this new top quality inventory with an online only auction. Everything SELLS TO HIGHEST BIDDER! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 


Sale 1 of 2 for Uncle P’s General Store. 2nd Sale will be conducted onsite May 17th starting at 10:00 AM. 


Lots begin closing Wednesday, May 8th at 6:00 PM eastern 

Preview Day: Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

Pick-Up: Friday, May 10th from Noon till 6:00PM

Please note: this is the only day available for pickup.  We cannot guarantee accommodations for other pickup days.  Failure to pick up items does not entitle the bidder to a refund. Any extra pickup accommodations will be billed to the buyer at $25 per hour for travel time port to port



 Equipment & Tools 

Echo RotoTiller 

Oregon 40 Volt Lithium Ion Weed Trimmer 

Generac Power Washer 

Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator 

ProLift 5 Gal Portable Air Tank 

Little Buddy Propane Heaters 

Echo Blower Attachment 

Echo Three Cutter Blade Attachment 

Skill Angle Grinder 

Porter Cable Circular Saw 

Various Sizes of TriLink Bar & Chains 

Irwin Saw Blades 

Irwin Circular Saw Blades 

Masonry Cutoff Blades 

Metal Cutoff Blades 

Irwin Offset Snips 

Aviator Snips 

Vise Grips 

End Cutting Pliers 

Lineman’s Pliers 

Tinner Snips 

Wire Snips 

Adjustable Wrenches 

Needle Nose Pliers 

Variety of Sized Channel Locks 


Various Sizes of Pipe Wrenches 

Multi Tools 

Grove Joint Pliers 

Crescent 14 Pc. Wrench Set 

Gear Wrench Ratcheting Wrenches 

11 Pc. Combination Wrench Set 

Stanley Screwdriver Sets 

Stanley Precision Screw Driver Sets 

Stanley Pinch Punch Sets 

Weller Soldering Gun 

Crescent Molding Bar 

Hot Glue Gun 

Rivet Tools 

Staple Guns 


Automobile Service Tools & Accessories 

Spark Plugs 

Grease Gun Kits 

Grease Gun Hoses 

Filter Wrenches 

Gasket Kits 

Oil Funnels 

Drip Pans 

Battery Terminals 

Side Terminal Adapters 

Pistol Grip Radial Tire Repair Kits 

Tire Repair Kits 

Auto Fuses 

Jumper Cables 

WeBoost Vehicle Cellphone Booster 

Bluetooth Stereo Headsets 

Cobra CB Radios 

Unidan CB Radios 

Midland CB Radios 

CB Radio Microphones 

CB Radio Antennas 

Kenwood Car Monitor w/ DVD Player 

Alpine Car Speakers 

Extension Speakers 

Phone Mounts 

Nice Selection of Windshield Wipers 


Water & Gas Plumbing 

Gas Connector Hoses 

Male Straight Fittings 

Female Straight Fittings 

Male Elbow Fittings 

CPVC Elbows 

CPVA Straight Fittings 

Valve Adapters 

Straight Valves 

Angle Valves 

Regulating Valves 

Selection of Plumbing Connectors 

Toilet Gaskets 

PVC Pipe Fittings 

Drain Pipe Augers 

Heavy Duty Water Connector Hoses 


Lawn & Garden Tools and Accessories 

Echo Sprayer 

True Temper Rakes 

True Temper Pitch Forks 

True Temper Square Shovels Short and Long Handles 

True Temper Hoes 

Wooden Handles 

Union Tools Spades 

Large Selection of Axes & Broad Axes 

Sledge Hammers 

True Temper Pruning Clippers 

True Temper Hedge Shears 

True Temper Grass Hooks 

True Temper Grass Shears 

True Temper Bypass Pruners 

True Temper Saws 

Huge Selection of Lawn Mower Blades 


Household Items & Outdoor Accessories 

Echo Log Chaps 

Echo Chainsaw Case 

Dickies Bibs 

Dickies Work Pants 

Light Bulbs 

Kitchen Utensils 


Heavy Duty Extension Cords 

Brooder Lights 

Halide Light Bulbs 

Camp Stove Kits 

Outdoor Patio Stove 

Blackstone Portable Grill 

Granite Ware Roaster 

Pressure Cookers 

Apple Peelers 

Ball Mason Jars 

Meat Grinder 

BBQ Grill Propane Hoses 

Large Selection of Zip Ties 

Nylon Rope 

Cotton Rope 

Poly Rope 

Generator Cords 

Safety Equipment 

Gloves & Goggles 

Snow Plow Parts 

Huge Selection of Hats and Beanies 

Weed Trimmer String 

Briggs and Stratton Filters 

Bobcat Filters 


Nails, Fasteners, General Hardware Items, and Supplies 

Huge Selection of Various Size Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Etc. in Organizers 

Masonry Nails 

Sinker Nails 

Finishing Nails 

Roofing Screws 

Variety of Screws 

Irwin Power Bits 

Variety of Sized Irwin Spade Bit Sets 

Irwin Fastener Drive Bits 

Irwin 30 pc. Screw Driver Bit Set 

Farm Clevises 

Utility Clevises 

Tow Hooks 

Trailer Hitches & Pins 

Various Sized Trailer Balls 

Come Alongs 

Ball and Pintle Hooks 

Trailer Jacks 

Trailer Electrical Connectors 

Nice Selection of Chain 

Heavy Duty Pulleys 

Sharpening Stones 

Malleable Snaps 

Wire Nuts & Caps 

Wire Cutters 

Air Hoses 

Air Couplers 


Paint, Home Care, Maintenance, Weatherization, and Remodeling Items 

HVAC Tape 

Shower Faucets 

Foam Window Seals 

Furnace Cement 

Silicone Sealant 

Pipe Insulation 

Fiberglass Pipe Wrap 

Door Locks 


Painting Tarps 



Paint Spray 

Locks with Keys 

Combo Locks 

Cleaning Supplies 


Directions: From Route 19 South Take Muddlety/Craigsville (Route 55) Exit off 19 S. At Stop sign make a left, go under overpass and continue around the bend. Continue Straight and property will be on your right.  


Bidding Errors: All bids are binding and final once an item has sold. Once bidding for a lot has closed, bids cannot be deleted or removed. Please review your bids on the review page prior to submitting the bids. Outbid notifications are sent as a courtesy only and the auctioneer, seller, licensees, agents or employees are not responsible for errors, omissions and/or timing of outbid notices.    

 Additional Terms and Conditions:    

 15% Buyer’s Premium on all purchases    

 As-Is, Where Is: All items and lots are sold on an As-Is, Where-Is and With All Faults basis without exception. There is no warranty of any type expressed or implied as to the fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose of any goods offered in this auction. Buyers understand that all lots and items are being offered as used and therefore have some level of wear and/or damage and are by the very nature of being “used and/or pre-owned and/or aged” are at some level of defective. The auctioneer and seller expressly and specifically disclaim, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Removal is at the buyer’s sole obligation, risk and expense. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or inaccuracy in any of the items or lots by reason of their being incorrectly described orally or written, invoiced or cataloged, and no liability will be borne by the auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents in respect to any such faults or errors. All marketing and information has been prepared only as a guide and is not offered as completely accurate, nor does it give the buyers all of the information on the item or lot. Except as herein contained, there shall be no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature whatsoever. Buyers will accept the items or lots in spite of any defects or conditions, known or unknown, visible or not visible, and therefore buyers do by these presents remise, release, acquit, quit claim and forever discharge the sellers, auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents from any and all claims now and in the future. The buyers hold the obligation and duty to inspect all items and lots during the inspection period prior to any bidding. Buyers are urged to physically inspect the items or lots during the inspection period. No bids can be withdrawn during or after the auction for any reason. Buyer understands that these terms as well as all other terms and conditions can only be amended or revised in writing and signed by the auctioneer. Buyer also agrees that any oral, written or electronic representation made by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents shall not modify these terms. Buyer understands that any description given in the catalog or written on the lot is not guaranteed, and the buyer will rely entirely on their own inspection and/or investigations. All information and descriptions contained in advertising this sale are believed correct, but no responsibility is assumed by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents for any errors or omissions. Every item sold is sold As-Is, Where-Is. Joe R. Pyle Auctions provides condition information only as a courtesy to the bidders and is not responsible for errors in description or condition. Buyers have the opportunity to view the items in person and determine condition as well as any other factors relating to the description of the item and have the obligation to do so prior to bidding.  

Forfeiture: If you do not wish to pick up or ship your items, you may forfeit them. In this regard, to forfeit your items is defined as relinquishing all ownership and claim to the items in question to the auctioneer with no expectations of reimbursement; however, you are still responsible for the invoice total. No refunds will be made if you decide to forfeit your items. If you wish to forfeit your items, please contact us on or before the removal deadline. Buyer agrees that any and/or all remaining lots left after removal deadline are considered to be forfeited, but buyer is still responsible for invoice total.  

Removal of Items:  Local pickup is available on the designated date and time only.  Buyers are solely responsible for the transportation of any vehicles, equipment, or large items that cannot be shipped via USPS or UPS. Shipping available upon request for items that can be shipped via USPS or UPS at the buyer’s expense plus $10/package handling. 

Inspection of Items: Every item in this auction is available for bidder inspection prior to the auction ending.  By bidding, each bidder acknowledges and agrees that they have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the item or lots and is relying solely on the bidder’s personal inspection, whether in person, through proxy, or based on the provided photographs and opinion in determining whether to bid, in determining the amount to bid and/or maximum bid, and in submitting the bid/max bid. 


TITLES:  Titles for any vehicles will be sent to buyer 10-15 business days following receipt of payment.  Please note:  any bank-held titles may take up to 30 business days for processing 

15% Buyer’s Premium on all Personal Property purchases.   



(888) 875-1599 

5546 Benedum Drive Shinnston West Virginia 26431 


Joe R Pyle WV212 

Charlotte Pyle WV2174 

Alan Heldreth WV2224 

Jordan Kiger WV2246 

Robert Phillips WV1244 

Andrew Pyle WV1983 

Aaron Pyle WV1982 

Tim Bennett WV2007 

Bob Stewart, III WV1292 

Steven Phillips WV2335A 

Tia Wolski WV 2351A 

Taylor Ramsey WV 2352A 

Joe Panico WV 2353A 

Ethan Moore WV 2354A   





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