Joe R. Pyle Auctions


Gun, Ammunition, & Coin Auction

Saturday, January 26th at 10:00AM

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Property Description

Gun, Ammunition, & Coin Auction


Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Inspection begins at 8:00 AM on Saturday, January 26, 2019


Capital City Auto Auction

Located at 600 Winfield Road, St. Albans, WV  25177


Live and online bidding available via ProxiBid


Directions: I-77 to exit 101 to merge onto I-64 towards US-119S and Huntington, take exit 44 onto US-35 towards St. Albans, turn left, turn right onto Winfield Rd, 2.4 miles turn left

From I-64W take exit 44 toward US-35/St. Albans.  Turn left off the exit, then turn right onto WV-817/Winfield Road.  Continue nearly 2 miles and look for the Capital City Auto Auction sign and entrance on your left.


Smith Civil War Carbine

Burnside Civil War Carbine

Pair of Browning Model 12’s 28ga – Grade I and Grade V NIB w/consecutive SN’s

Several WWII military revolvers

Winchester Commemoratives: Wells Fargo, American Bald Eagle, Boy Scouts


Hunting Rifles

Browning A-Bolt .22-250 Rem W/BOSS

Browning BAR .30-06

Browning BAR .338 Win Mag

Browning BLR .308 Win

Winchester Model 70 .220 Swift

Winchester Model 70 .243

Winchester Model 70 Lightweight .243 Win

Winchester Model 71 .348 WCF

Winchester Model 94 .30-30 Win

Winchester Model 94 .30-30 – Wells Fargo Commemorative NIB

Winchester Model 94 .375 Win –  American Bald Eagle Commemorative NIB

Winchester Model 9422 XTR .22 – Boy Scouts of America Commemorative NIB

Remington Model 504 .22 LR

Remington Model 592M 5mm Rem Mag

Remington Model 592M 5mm Rem Mag

Remington Model 700 ADL .270 Win

Remington Model 700ADL .270 Win

Remington Model 721 .270 Win

Remington Model 721 .30-06

Remington Model 7400 .30-06

Remington Model 7600 .270 Win

Remington Model 770 .270 Win

Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer .22 LR

Henry Big Boy .44 Mag

Henry Golden Boy Deluxe .22 WMR – NIB

Ithaca Model LSA-55 Bolt Action Rifle .22-250 Rem

Marlin Model 62 Mag .256 Win Mag

Mossberg Model 100ATR .308 Win

Mossberg Model 800CSM .22-250 Rem

Oregon Arms Chipmunk Rifle .22 LR

Remington Sportsman 74 Auto .30-06

Ruger Model 10-22 Carbine .22 LR

Ruger Model 77/17 .17HMR

Ruger Ranch Rifle .223 Rem

Savage Model 110 .223 Rem

Savage Model 110 .270 Win

Savage Model 111 .270 Win

Savage Model 111 .30-06

Savage Model 23D .22 Hornet

Savage Model 340 .30-30

Savage Model 93R17 .17HMR

Savage Model 99 .250-3000

Schultz & Larsen Model 70 .22 LR

Sempert & Krieghoff Spoon Handle bolt action rifle with double triggers – Unknown Caliber

Stevens Side Plate Single Shot Rifle .25 cal

Thompson/Center 22 Classic Benchmark .22 LR

Walther Single Shot Bolt Sport Model .22 LR


Military Long Guns & Revolvers

Smith Civil War Carbine .50 caliber

Burnside Model 1864 Carbine .54  caliber

S & W Second Model Hand Eject .455 Eley

S & W Model 10 Victory Model .38 S & W

S & W I-Frame Double Action .32 S&W Long

Colt D.A.45 US Army Model 1909 .45 Colt

Colt new service .45 Colt

Colt New Service .455 Eley

S & W D.A.45 US Army Model 1917 .45 Colt

Colt D.A.38 US Navy .38 S&W

Colt D.A.38 US Army Model 1901 .38 S&W w/holster

Colt D.A.45 US Army Model 1917 .45 Colt w/holster

German 88 Mauser 7,92x57mm

Steyr Model 1886 Kropatschek Rifle 8mm

Arisaka Type 38 Rifle 6,5mm Arisaka

US Springfield Model 1898 .30-40 KRAG

Chinese Chang Kai-Shek Rifle Type 24 Variant 1 8x57mm

Mosin-Nagant M44 7,62x54R

Hungarian Mannlicher M1895 8×50mmR Mannlicher

Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk III* .303 British

Arisaka Type 99 Short Rifle 7.7×58mm Arisaka

Remington US Model 03-A3 .30-06

German Mauser 98 8mm

Mauser 98 8mm

Winchester US M1 Carbine .30 Carbine

Custom Mauser Bolt Action Rifle 8mm


Classic American Doubles & Other Double Barrels

LC Smith Field Grade 12ga

LC Smith Field Grade 16ga

LC Smith Field Grade 16ga

Winchester Model 23 XTR Pigeon Grade 20ga

Winchester Model 24 16ga

Browning Citori (Paratrooper Embellished) 12ga

Ruger red label 20ga

Marixa Spanish side by side 10ga

Sterlingworth Double 12ga

Stevens Model 311 12ga

Marlin Model 90 12ga

  1. Goldberger Damascus-Barrel Double Hammer Underlever 16ga



Set of Browning Model 12’s: Grade I 28ga & Grade V 28ga *LNIB*

Browning A-5 Magnum Twelve 12ga

Browning A-5 Sweet 16 16ga

Browning A-5 Twenty 20ga

Browning Double Auto Twelvette 12ga

Beretta Model A302 12ga

Winchester Model 12 12ga

Winchester Model 12 12ga

Winchester Model 12 20ga

Winchester Model 120 Ranger 12ga

Winchester Model 1200 12ga

Winchester Model 1300 12ga

Winchester Model 1300 Slug 12ga

Winchester Model 1897 16ga

Winchester Model 1912 16ga

Winchester Model 25 12ga

Winchester Model 25 12ga

Winchester Model 97 12ga

Weatherby Patrician 12ga

Remington Model 1100 12ga

Remington Model 1100 20ga

Remington Model 1100 Duck/Goose 12ga

Remington Model 1100 Slug 12ga

Remington Model 31 Skeet 12ga

Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 20ga

Remington Model 870LW Wingmaster 20ga

H & R Topper .410

Ithaca Model 37s 12ga

Ithaca Model 37s 16ga

Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12ga

Mossberg Model 1000 12ga

Mossberg Model 500 Field and Deer 2 bbl combo 12ga

Mossberg Model 500A “Tactical” 12ga

Mossberg Model 500AB 12ga

NEF Pardner 20ga

NEF Pardner Model SB1 .410

Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga

Savage Model 1921 12ga



Browning Medalist .22 LR

Browning Nomad .22 LR

S & W 38 Military and Police .38S&W

S & W Model 19-4 .357 Mag

S & W Model 29-3 .44 Mag

S & W Model 66-1 .357 Mag

S &W Model 59 9MM

S&W Double Action Hand Eject .32 S&W Long

S&W Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless “Lemon Squeezer” .32 S&W

Colt 1911 MKIV Series 70 45ACP

Ruger Blackhawk .30 Carbine

Ruger LCP .380ACP

Ruger MKII Target Stainless .22 LR

Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 Magnum

Ruger New Model Single Six .22

Ruger P85 9MMx19

Ruger P89 9MMx19

Ruger P90 .45ACP

Ruger P94 .40Auto

Ruger P95DC 9MMx19

Ruger P95DC 9MMx19

Ruger Red Hawk .44 Magnum

Ruger SR9C 9MMx19

Glock Model 22 .40S&W

Glock Model 22 .40S&W

Glock Model 23 .40S&W

Glock Model 26 9MMx19

Sig Sauer Model P220 .45ACP

Walther P38 9MM

Taurus PT111 Millennium 9MM PARA

Taurus PT140 Millenium G2 .40S&W

Taurus PT145 .45ACP

Taurus PT92AF 9MM para

Arminius Model HW7 .22 LR

Austrian Pistol 6,35mm

Avion Brevete Pistol 6,35mm

Bayard Modele Deposc 6,35mm

Belgian Hi-power 9mm

Cobra Model CB38 .38 special

Cobra Model CB380 .380ACP

Czechoslovakian Model Z Pistol 6,35mm

Intratec Scorpion .22 LR

MAB Brevete Model D 7,65mm

Melior Pistol 6,35mm

Norinco Model 201C 9MMx19

Phoenix Arms HP22A Deluxe Range Kit .22 LR

Spanish Double Action Revolver cal ???

US Revolver Co. Double Action cal ???


Swords and Knives

Ornate Japanese Sword with patent leather scabbard; Damascus blade

Japanese sword with metal scabbard

Decorative US parade sword

Small Japanese sword with lacquered leather scabbard; Damascus blade

Small Japanese sword with lacquered wooden scabbard

Large Bowie Knife with leather scabbard

Case XX Bowie Knife with Scabbard

D handled knife with spanish inscription and holster

Small Japanese sword with wooden scabbard

Small Japanese sword with leather holster

Camillus KA-BAR  Combat Knife and Imperial hunting knife plastic handle

Camillus KA-BAR Combat Knife

Camillus KA-BAR Combat Knife

Combat knife (Made in Japan) with leather holster no whetstone

2 hunting knives with simulated stag handles and leather cases


Ammo, Reloading Supplies & Misc.

2 hard plastic handgun cases

2 hard plastic rifle cases and 2 soft zippered rifle sleeves

Lot of miscellaneous ammunition

Lyman box with 2 takeoff rear sights

3 Boxes of Rock Island Arsenal Targets

Lot of shotgun wads 16ga, 28ga, and .410ga

Lot of Herters 12ga shotgun wads

Case of French MAS Ammo 7.5mm Manufactured 1947

Case of 7.62x39mm Berdan ammuntion

Lot of .45ACP ammo

Lot of .45ACP ammo

Lot of .45ACP ammo

8 Boxes of Sierra .38 bullets

Lot of .45 bullets some swagg

Lot of  7.62×39 ammo

Lot of 7 US military WWII era fireproof mittens

12 boxes of 12ga ammo skeet and trap loads

Small lot of misc. ammo

Lot of bullets .358, 9mm, .30

Lot of misc. reloading equp.: Lube, pellets, powder measures, rifle scope

4 empty ammo cans

Can of Chinese 7.62×39 ammo

Case of 10 boxes Sellier & Bellot Fortuna 12ga shotgun shells

Ammo can with 115 .50 bullets

23 lb. lynotype ingot

Ammo can containing approx. 376 .30-06 rounds

Ammo can of 308 brass

Ammo can of .45ACP match hardball approx. 950 rounds

Ammo can containing approx. 750 .38special cartridges

Ammo can containing approx. 1,750 173grain 7mm bullets



Coins & Other Curiosities

Large collection of American 20th Century Coins

Proof Sets

US Collectible Paper Currency – $1’s and $5’s

Silver Dollars including Carson City mint coin

And much more





Bidding Errors: All bids are binding and final once an item has sold. Once bidding for a lot has closed, bids cannot be deleted or removed. Please review your bids on the review page prior to submitting the bids. Outbid notifications are sent as a courtesy only and the auctioneer, seller, licensees, agents or employees are not responsible for errors, omissions and/or timing of outbid notices.    

 Additional Terms and Conditions:    

 15% Buyer’s Premium on all purchases. 5% of Premium will be waived for on-site Cash and Check Purchases  

 As-Is, Where Is: All items and lots are sold on an As-Is, Where-Is and With All Faults basis without exception. There is no warranty of any type expressed or implied as to the fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose of any goods offered in this auction. Buyers understand that all lots and items are being offered as used and therefore have some level of wear and/or damage and are by the very nature of being “used and/or pre-owned and/or aged” are at some level of defective. The auctioneer and seller expressly and specifically disclaim, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Removal is at the buyer’s sole obligation, risk and expense. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or inaccuracy in any of the items or lots by reason of their being incorrectly described orally or written, invoiced or cataloged, and no liability will be borne by the auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents in respect to any such faults or errors. All marketing and information has been prepared only as a guide and is not offered as completely accurate, nor does it give the buyers all of the information on the item or lot. Except as herein contained, there shall be no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature whatsoever. Buyers will accept the items or lots in spite of any defects or conditions, known or unknown, visible or not visible, and therefore buyers do by these presents remise, release, acquit, quit claim and forever discharge the sellers, auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents from any and all claims now and in the future. The buyers hold the obligation and duty to inspect all items and lots during the inspection period prior to any bidding. Buyers are urged to physically inspect the items or lots during the inspection period. No bids can be withdrawn during or after the auction for any reason. Buyer understands that these terms as well as all other terms and conditions can only be amended or revised in writing and signed by the auctioneer. Buyer also agrees that any oral, written or electronic representation made by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents shall not modify these terms. Buyer understands that any description given in the catalog or written on the lot is not guaranteed, and the buyer will rely entirely on their own inspection and/or investigations. All information and descriptions contained in advertising this sale are believed correct, but no responsibility is assumed by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents for any errors or omissions. Every item sold is sold As-Is, Where-Is. Joe R. Pyle Auctions provides condition information only as a courtesy to the bidders and is not responsible for errors in description or condition. Buyers have the opportunity to view the items in person and determine condition as well as any other factors relating to the description of the item and have the obligation to do so prior to bidding.  

Forfeiture: If you do not wish to pick up or ship your items, you may forfeit them. In this regard, to forfeit your items is defined as relinquishing all ownership and claim to the items in question to the auctioneer with no expectations of reimbursement; however, you are still responsible for the invoice total. No refunds will be made if you decide to forfeit your items. If you wish to forfeit your items, please contact us on or before the removal deadline. Buyer agrees that any and/or all remaining lots left after removal deadline are considered to be forfeited, but buyer is still responsible for invoice total.  

Removal of Items:  Local pickup is available on the designated date and time only.  Buyers are solely responsible for the transportation of any vehicles, equipment, or large items that cannot be shipped via USPS or UPS. Shipping available upon request for items that can be shipped via USPS or UPS at the buyer’s expense plus $10/package handling. 

Inspection of Items: Every item in this auction is available for bidder inspection prior to the auction ending.  By bidding, each bidder acknowledges and agrees that they have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the item or lots and is relying solely on the bidder’s personal inspection, whether in person, through proxy, or based on the provided photographs and opinion in determining whether to bid, in determining the amount to bid and/or maximum bid, and in submitting the bid/max bid. 

15% Buyer’s Premium on all Personal Property purchases.   



(888) 875-1599 

5546 Benedum Drive Shinnston West Virginia 26431 


Joe R Pyle WV212 

Charlotte Pyle WV2174 

Alan Heldreth WV2224 

Jordan Kiger WV2246 

Robert Phillips WV1244 

Andrew Pyle WV1983 

Aaron Pyle WV1982 

Tim Bennett WV2007 

Bob Stewart, III WV1292 

Steven Phillips WV2335A

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