Joe R. Pyle Auctions

Tractors, Farm Equipment, Mowers & more

Saturday, April 13th at 10:00AM 

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Property Description

Farm Equipment Auction 


Saturday, April 13th at 10:00AM 

Registration & Inspection begin at 8:30AM 

Pick-up Monday, April 15th from 10:00AM – 5:00PM.

Middletown Tractor 

2050 Boyers Drive 

Fairmont, WV 




Tractors, Mowers, Side by Sides, Balers & Hay Equipment, Brush Hogs, & more 


JOHN DEERE, MASSEY FERGUSON, KUBOTA, & MAHINDRA are just a few of the brands that will be sold 


*partial run list* – more to come

Lot #      Description

1             D160, Serial 1GXD160EPFF607562

2             X300 NO DECK, Serial M0X300D011653

3             LT155, Serial M0L155B119778

4             HORNET, Serial 651000023

5             YTH24V48LS, Serial 052411A003013

6             GTX 1054, Serial 1D151H60135

7             X320 W/48″, Serial M0X320A094867

8             216, Serial C2161 120221M

9             155C, Serial GX155CA029114

10           CONQUEST, Serial 2012796736

11           4010 TRACTOR, Serial LV4010H111780

12           855 TRAC /LD, Serial LV0855D180480

13           2210, Serial LV2210H435932

14           4010, Serial LV4010H110535

15           650 TRACTOR, Serial CH0650S009132

16           755 W/60X, Serial M00755D366284

17           1020 BOOMER, Serial ZANXK1009

18           D170, Serial 1GXD170ECDD401931

19           CUB CADET, Serial 22072

20           4000, Serial C4120214816

21           230, Serial 9A314344

22           FARMALL C, Serial 11432

24           570 (NO TITLE), Serial 4XAVH57A5EB172666

25           POLARIS RANG (HAS TITLE), Serial 4XATH7EA1DG788159

26           RANGER XP-90(HAVE TITLE) , Serial 4XAWH880EB198015

27           RTV-900 (HAS TITLE), Serial 35221

28           XUV 550, Serial 1M0550FBVCM011812

29           RZR-570 (HAVE TITLE), Serial 4XAVH6EA2DB614939

50           700Z 52″DECK, Serial 000011726

51           ZF5248, Serial 1I164H10103

52           PONY, Serial 1A183B10048

53           16G, Serial 00638106

54           SPORTSMAN570 (HAS TITLE), Serial 4XAMH57A5EA608238

55           Z FORCE 548, Serial 1G260Z20036

56           LA175 26HP, Serial GXA175A302607

57           4200 TRACTOR, Serial LV4200H322678

58           JD 850 TRACT, Serial 007727

59           1025 + 1801259 deck, Serial 1LV1025RKDH212209

60           1025R, Serial 1LV1025RPGH331588

61           HUSQVARNA, Serial NA

62           YT42XLS, Serial 020615A001167

63           LGT54, Serial 042915A026225

64           TS354D, Serial 021618001518

65           T02080, Serial 30260

66           GR2020, Serial 10612

67           CRAFTSMAN 917.986, Serial 060914A0029547

68           LX280, Serial M0L280A125049

69           JD D170, Serial 1GXD170EPEE561000

70           D170, Serial 1GXD170EKCC302759

71           L130 23HP VT, Serial GXL130A103258

72           X300, Serial 1MOX300CJCM235241

73           D160, Serial 1GXD160ELCC302052

74           X300, Serial MOX300C024509

75           LA175, Serial GXA175A308951

76           LX280 42C, Serial M0L280F120774

77           XL280, Serial M0L280A104194

78           LX255, Serial N/A

79           X300, Serial 1M0X300CKBM193022

80           X300, Serial M0X300C023503

81           X300, Serial 1M0X300CHCM242195

82           JD X300 48″, Serial 1M0X300CPEM290627

83           X300, Serial 1M0X300CLBM199801

84           X300 W/M42, Serial 1MOX300CABM192880

85           X340 W/54X, Serial 1M0X340A011165

86           X320 W/48X, Serial 1M0X320APDM253554

87           X340, Serial M0X340A046904

88           X500, Serial M0X500A040698

90           X300, Serial M0X300C107638

91           GX345 48C 54, Serial M0G345A112257

92           X530 54″DECK, Serial 1M0X530AJCM072820

93           425 20HP L/C, Serial M00425A022572

94           X300, Serial 1M0X300CHBM200396

95           Z445 48C, Serial 1M0Z445KLDM150002

95           D110, Serial 1GXD110EVCC315819

96           Z915B, Serial 1TC915BVJGT041816

97           D170, Serial 1GXD170EKGG702559

99           CRAFTSMAN, Serial 071614A004139

100        S20, Serial 1GXS240EEHH813993

101        FT-2000, Serial 091407D005800

102        X500, Serial 1M0X500CPCM070279

103        X540, Serial M0X540A033486

104        X530, Serial M0X530A051912

105        X500, Serial M0X500A043320

106        X530 W/54″, Serial M0X530A054984

107        X300, Serial 1M0X300CVDM265179

108        REGENT, Serial N/A

109        B-7510, Serial 30651

110        JD X324, Serial M0X324A041487

111        X300 W/42″, Serial M0X300C030545

112        B1750, Serial 10130

113        2320 W/200CX, Serial LV2320H102302

114        425 W/54X, Serial M00425A011759

115        GT35W/48″, Serial N/A

116        717 ZTRAK, Serial TC0717X021289

117        LT190 TRT, Serial MOL19O9N502454

118        DGS6500, Serial 042107B001488

119        CRAFTSMAN, Serial 082405D015478

120        130, Serial GX0B0A043494

121        LA150, Serial GX0150A016122

122        455, Serial M00455C020014

123        X300, Serial M0X300C126059

124        62D, Serial M02562A011890

125        62M, Serial M062CBD121254

126        42″SNOW, Serial M03252X202470

127        44 BLADE, Serial M09480X026404

128        72″ 7 IRON, Serial M00072D341428

129        44″SNOWBLWR, Serial 1M0445BHLAM051022

130        X304, Serial 1M0X304AACM220820

131        X300C, Serial M0X300C134127

132        LT166, Serial M0L166J085969

133        44, Serial M044FBF031241

134        HLA 66, Serial 13LA29175

135        335, Serial M00335A086658

136        LX279, Serial M0LZ79E071060

137        X360, Serial M0X360A086802

138        180, Serial M00180B489568

139        LT1650, Serial 1J020H10075

140        X575, Serial M0X575C040047

141        MC519, Serial GX54HPY020674

142        HD45, Serial M0HD45X011472

143        GX345, Serial M0G345B108114

144        44B, Serial M09480X030798

145        X300, Serial M0X300C134865

146        445, Serial M00445A010657

147        X304, Serial M0X304A153038

148        260, Serial KV0260A460635

149        42″ SNOW BLO, Serial M03252X281973

150        GX355 W/54X, Serial M00355B095078

151        LT166, Serial M0L166D051319

152        LX280, Serial M0L280C100687

153        280CK, Serial 9106654

154        GX345, Serial M0G345D121401

155        LT155 HYDRO, Serial MOL155C095797

156        LT155 MOWER, Serial MOL155B137615

157        458 BALER, Serial E00458S340401

158        325 HYDRO, Serial M00325D095267

159        TRAIL BUCK, Serial 2BVFGTA175V011136

160        GX345, Serial M00345B086955

161        44″ FRONT BL, Serial M044FBF050545

162        44″ FRT BLAD, Serial 1M044FBEEM091454

163        855D (NO TITLE), Serial 1M0855DSCBM015837

164        322, Serial M00322X011874

165        GX345 W/54X, Serial M0G345B108057

166        WB-T, Serial N/A

167        580 PRESSURE, Serial 1017266357

168        LX173, Serial M0L173B161205

169        CUB CADET, Serial 1B234G30004

170        240, Serial N/A

171        TRAXX, Serial ROBO021200085

172        TERRA-TAMOR, Serial N/A

173        PS1001 SUBSL, Serial 1XFPS10XHF0006121

174        MAHINDRA MAX, Serial 24MH140180118

175        Z997, Serial TC997RB055139

176        Z997, Serial TC997RB055148

177        Z997, Serial TC997RB055136

178        Z997, Serial TC997RB055138

179        MX8 RC, Serial 1P00MX8CCAP022073

180        LT150, Serial M0L150B037929

181        1412, Serial 679575

182        HPX (NO TITLE), Serial M0HP4GX060480

183        DH3272, Serial XFDH32X000049

184        30 TILLER, Serial M03260X577379

185        2600 PLOW, Serial 010547A

186        620I GAS G&Y TITIE, Serial M0XUVGX020246

187        GATOR HPX 4X (NO TITLE), Serial M0HP4GX030198

188        BUCKET, Serial NONE

189        D100, Serial 1GXD100EKCC317558

190        WICKED BILT, Serial NA

191        MAHINDRA MAX, Serial 28MG130990256

192        LT166 HYDRO, Serial M0L166E013756

193        LT155, Serial M0L155B022162

194        B-3350, Serial B5309

195        1026R TLB, Serial 1LV1026RVCH223258

196        60″ HD BROOM, Serial 1M060HDBEE0023043

197        717, Serial W00717X007578

198        X748 ULT 4WD, Serial M0X748A030579

199        1532 W/LOADE, Serial JVH60508

200        X320 W/48X, Serial M0X320A121615

201        PRO-WALK1948, Serial 000785

202        PRO-WALK, Serial N/A

203        HUSQVARNA, Serial 032206B003760

204        Z445 54C, Serial M0Z445C086963

205        MAHINDRA, Serial 22GRH00041

206        5FT BRUSHHOG, Serial N/A

207        30″ TILLER, Serial M03264X185417

208        42″ SNOWBLOW, Serial M03252X205085

209        345 HYDRO, Serial M00345A085564

210        YTH2454, Serial 042407B004490

211        BX2370, Serial 33670

212        4100 STD, Serial LV4100H214842

213        CUBCADETM48, Serial N/A

214        NH BR-740, Serial 67496

215        504L, Serial 1VRB11172W1000527

216        1538H, Serial GXSABAR016323

217        2048HV 20HP, Serial M01848G020198

218        LTX-1040, Serial 1E050H60198

219        MASSEY 2635, Serial FX741265

220        STX38 TRACTO, Serial M00STXB119267

221        D140, Serial 1GXD140EECC319263

222        LT160, Serial M0L160C501475

223        2305 W/200CX, Serial LV2305H622916

224        BOBCAT 751, Serial 515713295

225        4110, Serial LV4110H110329

226        X320 W/48X, Serial 1M0X320AHFM316097

227        2305 TRACTOR, Serial LV2305H325077

228        457, Serial E00457X152407

229        X500, Serial M0X500A012600

230        1749, Serial AG3M17490FJJ60803

231        2305, Serial LV2305H224865

232        GR2000, Serial 10974

233        MAX-25-HST, Serial 25MH21161607

234        D110, Serial 1GXD110EPBB143466

235        456 BALER, Serial E00456X112064

236        BX-1860, Serial 52276

237        2350, Serial L02350F560295

238        42″ DECK, Serial NO TAG

239        M5091, Serial 50976

240        CRAFTSMAN PM, Serial 10084K12838

241        YTS 54, Serial 030812A006502

242        X749 YLT, Serial M0X749A050383

243        GX325 W/48″C, Serial M00325B024079

244        325 HYDRO, Serial M00325D095260

245        D140, Serial 1GXD140EKEE509917

246        TB HORSE XP, Serial 10202B10390

247        D140, Serial 1GXD140EHBB124041

248        X500 W/48X, Serial 1M0X500ACBM060840

249        435 ROUND BA, Serial E00435X886124

250        1025R W/54X, Serial 1LV1025RHHH131886

251        X390 48A, Serial 1M0X390AAHM031389

252        X320, Serial M0X3200A086229

253        458, Serial 1E00458SCAA360436

254        457 ROUND BA, Serial E00457S300173

255        X320 W/48X, Serial 1M0X320ACDM253552

256        LT1042, Serial 1L134H20136

257        X300 W/42X, Serial M0X300C102506

258        X320 W/48X, Serial 1MOX320AEDM25348

259        525, Serial E00525T330027

260        GC2400, Serial JTC04201

261        X738 4WD, Serial 1M0X738AJEM021300

262        X758 4WD HDA, Serial 1M0X758AAJM060673

263        54″ QH FT BL, Serial M054FBX090823

264        302, Serial FC302

265        435 BALER, Serial E00435X990446

266        1026R, Serial 1LV1026RVCH214642

267        X758 4WD, Serial 1M0X758ACJM060444

268        LA115 19HP, Serial GXA115A065914

269        BOOMER-24, Serial 2250001041

270        BX-2230, Serial 5F435

271        130 48″ DECK, Serial GX0130A040337

272        2210 STD, Serial LV2210H431477

273        LT155 LWN TR, Serial M0L155C096948

274        125 LAWN TRA, Serial GX1025A093385

275        E100 JD PROM, Serial 1GXE100EEJJ051417

276        2210 STD, Serial LV2210H435787

277        6′ REAR BLAD, Serial NA

278        X370 42A, Serial 1M0X370AE6M011990

279        CX15, Serial W0CX15E005021

280        1025R 54″, Serial 1LV1025RHGH331634

281        X720 54″DECK, Serial M0X720A040094

282        T4.75, Serial 01166

283        1025R 60″, Serial 1LV1025RCDH211399

284        2615, Serial FU488553

285        855 COMPACT, Serial M00855D435007

286        RTV-500 (NO TITLE), Serial 21204

287        SNOW BLOWER, Serial M01481X085377

288        SNOW BLADE, Serial M0190X091111

289        XUV 855D (HAVE TITLE), Serial 1M0855DEPEM082822

290        GX255 54C, Serial M0G255A121939

291        3032E, Serial 1LV3032ECCH510728

292        3038E, Serial LV3038E111375

293        D130, Serial 1GXD130EKGG720553

294        2305, Serial 1LV2305H220608

295        1023E LDR&MW, Serial 1LV1023EHCH211715

296        X728 W/54, Serial M0X728A010489

297        110, Serial LV0110T611694

298        1025R, Serial 1LV1025RTGH331833

299        X320 W/48X, Serial 1M0X320APEM284546

300        5′ BRUSH HOG, Serial 238443

301        72″ FRONT BL, Serial 1XFRB21XK120141795

302        SF 4′ BLADE, Serial ?

303        ALL BRANDS C, Serial M0X540A034296

304        2305, Serial LV2305H623454

305        X500, Serial 1M0X500AJCM073507

306        D140, Serial 1GXD140ELEE517376

307        BX-1870 LDR, Serial 10285

308        620I, Serial M0XUVGT030657

309        790, Serial LV0790G690550

310        X485, Serial M0X485A021878

311        2305, Serial LV2305H620391

312        1023E, Serial 1LV1023EAGG104771

313        3025E, Serial 1LV3025ECJJ125870

314        X500 W/48″, Serial 1M0X500AHEM100

315        X500 W/48″, Serial 1M0X500AJEM100

316        D110, Serial 1GXD110EECC315826

317        X320 W/54″, Serial 1M0X320ACBM190408

318        X300, Serial M0X300C134189

319        X320 W/54″, Serial 1M


TERMS: All merchandise is sold as-is, where is, with no warranty written or implied.  Cash, checks and major credit cards accepted.  Checks are accepted with positive ID. Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted. 15% premium on all merchandise purchased onsite. 5% of premium will be waived for cash and check purchase onsite.  


Bidding Errors: All bids are binding and final once an item has sold. Once bidding for a lot has closed, bids cannot be deleted or removed. Please review your bids on the review page prior to submitting the bids. Outbid notifications are sent as a courtesy only and the auctioneer, seller, licensees, agents or employees are not responsible for errors, omissions and/or timing of outbid notices.    

 Additional Terms and Conditions:    

 15% Buyer’s Premium on all online purchases    

 As-Is, Where Is: All items and lots are sold on an As-Is, Where-Is and With All Faults basis without exception. There is no warranty of any type expressed or implied as to the fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose of any goods offered in this auction. Buyers understand that all lots and items are being offered as used and therefore have some level of wear and/or damage and are by the very nature of being “used and/or pre-owned and/or aged” are at some level of defective. The auctioneer and seller expressly and specifically disclaim, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Removal is at the buyer’s sole obligation, risk and expense. No sale shall be invalidated by reason of any defect or inaccuracy in any of the items or lots by reason of their being incorrectly described orally or written, invoiced or cataloged, and no liability will be borne by the auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents in respect to any such faults or errors. All marketing and information has been prepared only as a guide and is not offered as completely accurate, nor does it give the buyers all of the information on the item or lot. Except as herein contained, there shall be no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature whatsoever. Buyers will accept the items or lots in spite of any defects or conditions, known or unknown, visible or not visible, and therefore buyers do by these presents remise, release, acquit, quit claim and forever discharge the sellers, auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents from any and all claims now and in the future. The buyers hold the obligation and duty to inspect all items and lots during the inspection period prior to any bidding. Buyers are urged to physically inspect the items or lots during the inspection period. No bids can be withdrawn during or after the auction for any reason. Buyer understands that these terms as well as all other terms and conditions can only be amended or revised in writing and signed by the auctioneer. Buyer also agrees that any oral, written or electronic representation made by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents shall not modify these terms. Buyer understands that any description given in the catalog or written on the lot is not guaranteed, and the buyer will rely entirely on their own inspection and/or investigations. All information and descriptions contained in advertising this sale are believed correct, but no responsibility is assumed by the auctioneer, seller, employees or agents for any errors or omissions. Every item sold is sold As-Is, Where-Is. Joe R. Pyle Auctions provides condition information only as a courtesy to the bidders and is not responsible for errors in description or condition. Buyers have the opportunity to view the items in person and determine condition as well as any other factors relating to the description of the item and have the obligation to do so prior to bidding.  

Forfeiture: If you do not wish to pick up or ship your items, you may forfeit them. In this regard, to forfeit your items is defined as relinquishing all ownership and claim to the items in question to the auctioneer with no expectations of reimbursement; however, you are still responsible for the invoice total. No refunds will be made if you decide to forfeit your items. If you wish to forfeit your items, please contact us on or before the removal deadline. Buyer agrees that any and/or all remaining lots left after removal deadline are considered to be forfeited, but buyer is still responsible for invoice total.  

Removal of Items:  Local pickup is available on the designated date and time only.  Buyers are solely responsible for the transportation of any vehicles, equipment, or large items that cannot be shipped via USPS or UPS. Shipping available upon request for items that can be shipped via USPS or UPS at the buyer’s expense plus $10/package handling. 

Inspection of Items: Every item in this auction is available for bidder inspection prior to the auction ending.  By bidding, each bidder acknowledges and agrees that they have had a full and fair opportunity to inspect the item or lots and is relying solely on the bidder’s personal inspection, whether in person, through proxy, or based on the provided photographs and opinion in determining whether to bid, in determining the amount to bid and/or maximum bid, and in submitting the bid/max bid. 

TITLES:  Titles for any vehicles will be sent to buyer 10-15 business days following receipt of payment.  Please note:  any bank-held titles may take up to 30 business days for processing 

  15% Buyer’s Premium on all online Personal Property purchases.   



(888) 875-1599 

5546 Benedum Drive Shinnston West Virginia 26431 



Joe R Pyle WV212 

Charlotte Pyle WV2174 

Alan Heldreth WV2224 

Jordan Kiger WV2246 

Robert Phillips WV1244 

Andrew Pyle WV1983 

Aaron Pyle WV1982 

Tim Bennett WV2007 

Bob Stewart, III WV1292 

Steven Phillips WV2335A 

Tia Wolski WV 2351A 

Taylor Ramsey WV 2352A 

Joe Panico WV 2353A 

Ethan Moore WV 2354A   




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