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Auction vs. Realtor – How Should You Sell?

More and more individuals are choosing the auction method to buy or sell their real estate. When it comes time to sell, property owners are often faced with the difficult decision of how they should handle the sale. For many, a real estate agent or personally conducted sale seem like the best option. However, a growing number of homeowners are using auctions to facilitate their sale. In fact, the experts at Realtor.com note that auctions are a great way for buyers and sellers to exchange assets, stating, “In the past, only real estate investors and professionals acquire[d] properties through auctions, but that’s no longer the case.”
In our 40 years of experience, we have been fortunate enough to help thousands of individuals buy and sell their next piece of property through the auction method. While auctions may be a lesser-known way to sell real estate compared to a real estate agent, there are numerous benefits to selling your property at auction. Check out the chart below for some quick tips on selling your property at auction.

As a full-time auction company serving West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky, we are ready to implement our years of experience to sell your real estate. Our staff of licensed real estate salespeople is committed to professional service and customer satisfaction. We handle your sale from start to finish with the professionalism that only our years of experience can deliver.


  1. I did not know that a growing number of homeowners are using auctions to facilitate their sale. My mom told me that she would like to sale her second home so that she can use that money to renovate her first one. I will tell her to think about using an auction since her property has a lot of demand.

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